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IT Sector Partnership is always looking to partner with local and regional employers for job shadows, internships, and full-time opportunities. We work with employers to develop educational pathways to help expand IT skill sets that will help meet their needs. Please fill out the employer application and IT Survey for us to reach out to you with any potential opportunities.

Indiana CIO Network

The Indiana CIO Network is a TechPoint initiative focused on convening the senior-most technology leaders at Indiana organizations. Drawing operational IT leaders from around the state and across all sectors, the CIO Network is a community of “Chief Information Officers” (CIOs) from various organizations who come together to share knowledge, discuss challenges, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities related to their roles. Meetings and events are “no-sales zones.”

To ensure this forum remains a trusted, high-value connection point for accessing a peer network of CIOs, TechPoint invites individuals who meet one of the following criteria to apply for inclusion in the Indiana CIO Network:

  • Current CIOs, CTOs, CDOs

  • Former CIOs, CTOs, CDOs

  • Current senior IT leader (the most senior IT person in your organization)

  • Those in transition from the above roles


To be considered, apply to the network, and our facilitator, Jeff Ton, will connect with you within a few short business days to inform you of your status and, if approved, plug you into all of the resources associated with the Indiana CIO Network.

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