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Fiber Line Technician Pathway 

Start your journey as a Fiber Technician and build the infrastructure of tomorrow!

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Fast-track your entry into the IT sector with fiber line training!

The demand for more internet bandwidth (speed) is growing rapidly!

The demand for high-speed internet is growing rapidly! To meet demand, we need a skilled workforce to install fiber optic lines. Fiber optic lines

will need to be installed to and from as well as inside businesses and residential

 locations. Fiber line techs will be the skilled hand to complete these essential upgrades.

Jumpstart your career in the fast-growing field of IT, and enroll in our Fiber Line Tech pathway today!

Steps to complete program!

Step 1
Enrollment Steps

Step 2
Cisco Skills for All -

Network Technician

Step 3
NETI 109 - Networking I

Step 4
NETI 120 - 

Infrastructure Design

  • Instruction mode: Online - Self-paced

  • Timeline: Summer

  • Duration: 16-weeks

  • Instruction mode: In-person

  • Location: Ivy Tech

  • Timeline: Fall

  • Duration: 16-weeks

  • Instruction mode: In-person

  • Location: Ivy Tech 

  • Timeline: Spring 

  • Duration: 1-5 hours

  • Timeline: Summer

Learn how networks operate

Learn how to build simple local area networks

Learn various copper and fiber cabling standards

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Cisco Skills for All -Network Technician Courses

1. Networking Basics

Duration: 22 hours

2. Networking Devices & Initial Configuration

 Duration: 22 hours

3. Network Addressing & Basic Troubleshooting

Duration: 14 hours

4. Network Support & Security 

Duration: 12 hours 


The Fiber Line Technician Pathway provides a fast track into the IT sector and is low impact for working individuals. Through hands-on training, individuals gain practical experience and expertise crucial for modern connectivity infrastructure. Participants can quickly elevate their appeal to employers, paving the way for rewarding opportunities in the tech industry.​


  • Basic computer skills & knowledge

  • Ivy Tech Math and English Knowledge Assessment

Optional Cisco Academy courses:

  • English for IT 1 & 2

  • Hardware Basics


Credentials upon completion:

  • Ivy Tech/ITSP Certificate of Completion 

  • 4 Cisco, industry-recognized micro-credential badges


​​*Students may have to commute to Valpo for NETI 120*

Financial Support & Resources

  • Full Student Support

  • Financial Aid Available

*Additional funding for students that aren't eligible*

Ivy Tech IvyCares offers:

  • Food Access

  • Loaner Technology

  • Community Resources 

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